U.S.S. Arizona

Pennsylvania-class battleship U.S.S. Arizona was built in 1916 and it took part in the WW1. In the 1930s it was largely modernized. It's length is 185 meters and weight 32.000 tons. Main guns are 14-inch.

Arizona is famous because of the japanese surprise attack to Pearl Harbour in 7.12.1941. Arizona had a direct hit and was sunk with 1200 crewmen dead.
Today Arizona still lies in the shallow water as a memorial.

About the model
Kit: HobbyBoss 1:700

Modifications: Several, first time used photo etched rails and other fittings.

Notes: Long time it was thuoght that the US ships were generally grey, but in 2006 they discovered in the archives, that the actual colouring wasin fact blue or blueish and the top parts whiste or light grey. The tops of the main turrets had different color schemes to be able to mark ships individually. This model of Arizons is painted with this new colour scheme.

© Teppo Kahtola