Curtiss Hawk 75A

The prototype was manufactured in 1935 and operational in 1937, called type P-36A. Exporting type was Hawk 75A. Later versions were P-40 Tomahawk ja Kittyhawk.

The history of Curtiss Hawks in Finnish Air Force is interesting. Originally they were France's and Norway's arir forces's planes, which were captured, when german troops invaded those countries. Germany then sold them to Finland in 1941, total amount of 44 planes. They were used here until 1953.

About the model
Kit: Revell 1:72, old production

Modifications: Did some modifications to the Landing gears, in finnish planes they were different than in the kit.

Notes: This model shows the plane CU-581, which belonged to the squadron 32 (LeLv 32) in autumn 1943. Pilot was capt. Veikko Evinen.

© Teppo Kahtola