Space Shuttle Discovery with Spacelab IML-1

Space Shuttle Discovery's first flight was in 1984 and last 2011. It was one of six NASA Space shuttles. Nowadays it can be seen in National Air and Space Museum, Washington.
About the model
Kit: Hasegawa 1:1200

Modifications: Several additions to the cargo bay. The SpaceLab IML-1 was originally very simple and partly wrong, so I modified it and added details.

Notes: The kit included options to make it any of the NASA's shuttles, but I wanted to make it Discovey, because I have met the swedish astronaut Christer Fuglesang, who flew twice with Discovery (missions STS-116 (2006) ja STS-128 (2009)).

This model shows Discovery in one of it's early missions STS-42 (1992) with SpaceLab IML-1 in it's cargo bay.

© Teppo Kahtola